Teaching Goals

Short-term Goals: (within 5 years)

  • For existing, previously taught courses insert additional content related to the ethical and social implications of various research examples and integrate more mathematics, history, philosophy, and sociology content
  • Develop a series of assignments called “Scientist Spotlights” (highlighting the accomplishments and research conducted by counter-stereotypical examples of scientists) to help all students visualize themselves succeeding in a science career.
  • Continue to read literature in education research and adjust teaching practices to incorporate knew knowledge
  • Implement/test various technological tools in the classroom and assess implications on student learning
  • Attend professional conferences and professional development seminars to improve my teaching, such as SABER
  • Present and publish current teaching related research projects
  • Obtain a teaching position at a college or University with a small research component requirement (conservation genetics and/or discipline-based education research)
  • Get involved in the university community (e.g. serve on committees as needed)


Long-term Goals: (within 15 years)

  • Broaden teaching experience beyond introductory biology to include a variety of upper level undergraduate research-focused courses, perhaps in conservation, ecology, animal behavior, genetics, and/or aquatic biology
  • Obtain a permanent position as a professor at a college or university
  • Form strong collaborative teaching and research bonds with local faculty and government entities, as well as, several external persons
  • Publish several studies in education research and conservation
  • Mentor several undergraduates (e.g. senior or honors independent research projects)
  • Develop a new study-abroad course in field ecology or conservation
  • Serve in a leadership role to share the knowledge obtained at conferences and professional development classes (as well as personal DBER research) with others
  • Continue to achieve short-term goals listed above