Recent Teaching Responsibilities

Position Title: Instructor of Record

Department / Institution: Biology, University of Tennessee

Duration of Position: Janurary 8th – May 12th, 2015

Course: Evolution (BIOL 280) & Evolution Discussion (BIOL 281)

Course Description: Biology course for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) majors (or related majors) comprised of a twice a week lecture component. Once a week discussion component only required for EEB majors.

Course Objectives: Survey the major topics in evolutionary biology, including the mechanisms of evolutionary change, elementary population genetics, concepts of fitness and adaptations, modes of speciation, phylogenetic tools, paleontology, and macroevolutionary trends. Throughout the course students address and clarify common misconceptions regarding evolution and answer particularly intriguing questions about life.

Learning Objectives: (1) Explain how the four forces of evolution cause change within populations, (2) Compare and contrast the requirements of natural selection, sexual selection, and artificial selection using examples, (3) Interpret phylogenies and analyze taxonomic relationships, (4) Identify the major evolutionary innovations in the context of geologic time, (5) Explain how new species form, (6) Recognize the importance of evolutionary biology in conservation, medicine, and life in general

Class Size: 37 students


  1. Design new 200 level evolution course and discussion section (select textbooks, create learning objectives, write syllabi)
  2. Mentor graduate teaching assistant to teach discussion section
  3. Develop and present lectures (PowerPoints, activities, clicker questions)
  4. Write assignments (homework, papers, activities, exams, quizzes)
  5. Grade assignments and post grades for students on Blackboard
  6. Hold office hours
  7. Address student concerns and provide necessary campus resources to distressed students as needed