Photo Gallery

turtle photo_VA2Finally found a bog turtle after four hours of searching. Smallest North American turtle folks!


Adult bog turtle found basking.


Getting this little gal prepped for a telemetry unit!

IMG_20140523_165114_185Hatchling in a rearing tube.


3 day old bog turtle!


Unlike many sea turtles that produce hundreds of eggs each year, a single female bog turtle only lays an average of 3 eggs per year.

Looking for bog turtles in VA - 2014 May 5 - NPS photos (20)

Getting ready to take a toe nail clip (genetic sample) to access the genetic health of the bog turtle population.


Presenting the preliminary findings of our biology education study, “Read The Room” at the annual SABER conference in MN.

kicknetMentoring my undergraduate assistant during my Master’s on field techniques for sampling crayfish.

me cray crayFrom my younger years as an aspiring biologist – these invasive crayfish can really make you crazy!


Educating the University of Tennessee students on how to interpret a phylogeny during the event Big Orange Adventure!