Research Opportunities

I am looking for an undergraduate seasonal field technician to assist with a radiotelemetry study to access recruitment in an experimental release population of bog turtles in northeast Tennessee this summer (2018). Dates TBA (the field research portion will take place between mid-May through late-June).

Minimal Requirements: Lyman Briggs student; one year of AP and/or college course work towards a biology degree (or related natural science degree), a proven ability to work collaboratively with a team, evidence of a strong work ethic and an ability to work independently are all requirements for this position. *Non-Lyman Briggs students are welcome to apply as a volunteer (stipends are limited to Lyman Briggs undergraduates – see below).

Application Materials: Cover letter detailing your strengths and interests in relation to this specific position, CV or resume, and an unofficial transcript (Due March 2nd) – please email materials to

Review Process: Applications will be reviewed between March 2nd and March 11th. The top three-five candidates will be contacted on March 12th for an interview scheduled between March 14th and March 16th. The top candidate will be selected on March 19th and will be required to work with me to complete the LBC Undergraduate Research Support Grant application (Due April 6th).

LBC Undergraduate Research Support Grant Application: The final candidate is required to apply for the LBC Undergraduate Research Support Grant for the summer semester (due April 6th). If accepted, the undergraduate student will receive a $3,000 stipend.  See for application information, but please contact me BEFORE applying!

Additional Information: Summer housing will be paid (does not include food or personal expenses). Travel expenses will also be paid if the applicant chooses to travel with me (the faculty advisor). Summer housing has limited amenities (no Wifi) and will be shared with other researchers. Applicants must also be approved by Zoo Knoxville to work with an endangered species.

[POSTED 28 December 2017]